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How to create a webserver for your tf2 maps?

I am having a tf2 server, but downloading maps is very slow for the people who are joining. Can someone explain how to download 'big' maps fast. With sv_downloadurl "?"

How to create a webserver for your sv_downloadurl "?" ?

Thank you! Cool
I know this is an "older" post however did you resolve this issue?
Ryan White
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If you're running maps straight from the Steam Workshop, just add each map's workshop id prepended with "workshop/" to your mapcycle.

For example, if you wanted to add Glassworks to your server, you take the query parameter "id" from the URL (in this case, 454118349) and add the line workshop/454118349 to your current mapcycle file. On connect, clients will download the map from Steam's content servers, and you don't have to worry about hosting the maps yourself.

If you want to run custom maps that aren't available on the workshop, or if you have other assets that need downloading (if you're running any silly plugins), you will want (if not need) to have a fast download server that will serve the maps over HTTP. I don't know enough about your setup to give proper instructions on that, though.
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