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I cannot portfoward my CSS server
I start my server look through the log and find this line of text network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL so what I did added both ports from above to my routers portfoward section like so CSS1 = 27015 27015 BOTH and I did the same for the other port. When I go to css I can find my server if I go to add to favorites and I add my server ip but if I try to connect to it, add it to favorites, or search it up on the multiplayer it wont work. I dont have a config and my server shows up as half life 2 server. What happened y cant I connect
Port forwarding is simply the process of opening ports on your router for incoming connections. Think of it as one process requires one port to be open.

The required open or "forwarded" ports:
TCP ports 27020-27039 - Enables client connectivity
UDP port 1200 - server master list ping
UDP ports 27000-27015 - Most likely other client connectivity
TCP port 27015 - server halt-state

Then take the IP address that is public facing and use that IP opposed to any of the other 3 tiers.

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