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Attempt to host TF2 Server on VPS (Dedicated Cores)
Hi All,

I have a VPS with some extra resources on it, and thought I would try hosting a TF2 server. Yes I understand that you don't have a "dedicated" computer for your server to run on, but my host says I have two dedicated cores, which I thought would suffice being that my other specs are on par.

I have 2 cores ("Each core is equivalant to 2.5Ghz Intel Xeon or Better")
I have 3 GB of RAM allocated for me
30 GB allocated on a SSD

The VPS is also running CPanel, so I'm not sure how much of an impact that puts on things...while keeping an eye on it not much (no major traffic going to the few sites I have, maybe a visit or two a day).

While playing a TF2Center lobby on the VPS TF2 server, I kept an eye on the CPU usage as root. TF2 would consume about 40% (maybe upwards of high 40%'s during fights), and randomly would spike up to 97% cpu usage (regardless of what was going on during the game). It appears to be totally random, and not at any specific time (would make more sense on round end when it uploads stats possibly).

I am only running SM, MM:S, and TFTrue. I added a few normal stats plugins for SM, but they only really do bulk of the work at the end of games.

Does anyone have any insight? My thoughts are that processing power dedicated to me wouldn't be affected by anyone else on the same box. Should I try vanilla TF2 and see if I get better results?

Thanks in advance!
What type of visualization does your VPS use? If it's OpenVZ you affected by all other clients on the host node.

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