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Auto Restart URGENT HELP.
I'm having trouble trying to find a program that automatically press "Start Server" in the new SRCDS gui-based program. Please help me. I have atleast 20 people join my server. And with school, hell no.

Server OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
Processor: Amd Athlon X4 760k Black Edition 4 core 3.8 ghz, 4.2ghz turbo
Ram: 8G
Game(s): Garry's mod 14.11.17(?)
Start Up Command: Autoexec? or my bat file?


echo off
echo SRCDS auto restart
title Garry's Mod auto restart
echo (%time%) SRCDS started.
start /wait srcds.exe -tickrate 33 -norestart
echo (%time%) Your server just closed or crashed. RESTARTING!
goto srcds


None. I have TF2 and CSS mounted.
If my server crashes or closes, The .bat file will reopen the SRCDS, but I have to manually click Start Server.
Hi there, WubNeo!

I got a video on Youtube, where I linked my batch file. The video is here if you're interested:
and the batch file are here:
I hope I could help. Smile
For more help, just hit me:
Steam: bilbodog
Skype: bilbodog2

And don't forget to +rep [Image: NET-5.png]
- Best Regards bilbodog (Casper Thomsen)
Hey, I started using batch files, and it does autorestart, becuase of the -console argument, but when I use it no one is able to join my server, so I'm forced to use the gui based version, which sucks. Any ideas?

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