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Console commands not working properly NEED HELP asap.
i create No More Room In Hell server using Centos 6 32bit , but there is srcds command console said unknown command "rate" , i cant change that so my server is so lag when there is 200 zombies even just 1 player inside Sad

i think rate cap is 30000, i must change it to 60000 but how , can anyone help me please Sad

Server OS: CentOS 6 32bit
Processor: Intel Xeon 4 Cores 3.4 Ghz
Ram: 2 GB
Game(s): No More Room In Hell
Admin Mods: Metamod, Sourcemod

here screenshot
[Image: 648538fbad.png]

here my speedtest
[Image: 3742254938.png]
rate is client-side command. you can't change it from server console.


the commands you can change.

also lowering server tickrate can help.

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