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Strange SRCDS lag- Host only
I currently host a sandbox server on my Windows server 2003 machine.
I have been doing so successfully for a few years now, but recently a very strange issue has developed.

If I leave my server running for more than a day or so without restarting it, I ( and only I ) begin to develop a strange stuttering frame lag. This only happens on my server, and doesn't happen at all on single player.

My server is easily capable of hosting 50+ players without lag, and my internet speeds are easily enough to host my server.

It should also be noted that enabling vertical sync slightly reduces the lag. (It's enabled in the video)

I have done extensive research on the issue and have found no conclusive solution. The only treatment as of this moment is restarting the server every few hours (which is impossible due to the high volume of players).

Here is a video of the lag I am getting.

Thanks in advance.
Bump. Still experiencing this issue.

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