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Please help me :(
So I host a gaming community, Deranged Gamers ( and I need help, I only have one server, and when I try to host a second one on the same machine, it doesn't show up on Internet, only local, sometimes it doesn't show up at all! I did change the port, I used all types of ports, ones that work for servers, and ones that don't and of course forwarded the ports. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? BTW, I don't use Start.bat for the first server only second one, for the first server, I use SRCDS.exe.
Server info:
Server OS - Windows Home Premium, Dell, 2012
Processor - Intel CORE i5
RAM - 4
Game - Garry's Mod
Start Up Command - None
Admin Mod - ULX Admin Mod
Any help will be appreciated, any at all, please bump.
Well I will tell you since no one else has, don't be cheap and host on a local machine. If you can't pay for a server, then you shouldn't be able to pay for fast enough internet speeds to host on a local machine (aka: Your computer).

Running two SRCDS instances on the same computer requires more ports to be opened and more resource allocation due to increased load. I would recommend "widening" the port ranges that you have open.
Example: 27000 - 27025

This should open enough up to find another port to use.

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