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Bad Rcon Password HELP! GMod
I recently made a garrys mod server, i have made a server.cgf file with the following in it:

hostname "servername"
rcon_password "mysupersecretpassword"

Everyone can connect and play but when i open up the console ingame (btw same computer for hosting and playing) and enter:

rcon <mypassword>

it says:

Bad Rcon Password

I know its the correct password because i checked and the ports are opened and everything is working except for this!

What do i have to do to get this working, i have heard about putting rcon_address in the server.cfg but i don't have a clue what to put there if that is what i need to do.

I have searched through countless forums but still i can't find a fix. I also tried asking on other places but got no replies. Sad

Any help is appreciated!
when i got rid of brackets around my rcon password in server.cfg it fixed it lol?
scratch that it didn't fix it
If you set your rcon password, before you can rcon you have to open your console in-game and type rcon_password "yourpassword"
After that you can do rcon "commands"
how do i set a rcon password and how to use RCON ! help please
what is RCON?with RCON you can apply server commands through your player's console.First check if you have in other .cfg file a command setting your rcon_password with something else except your password.
Or..try when the server starts,through the server console(srcds),and set your rcon_password hereputpassoword.
Then go through the game's console as a player set put the same command,if you get access it will not show u any message,else it will show BAD RCON .Basicly when you call this command through your server(rcon_password) that means that you SET the rcon password.Then a player,that's only you i guess who knows the password, you open the console (in-game) and u press rcon_password andpasswordhere ,that means you do NOT SET the password but it's like taking control of the server!
(08-11-2014, 06:37 AM)kinggamer1235 Wrote:  scratch that it didn't fix it

Can I ask why?

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interesting post i love it keep posting more!

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