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FastDL question - Not downloading (video and server.cfg included)
First time poster on this forum, and would love some insight on what I'm doing wrong.

I'm fairly new to setting gmod servers, but not new to setting up servers in general... however it's been several years since I've set up a game server.

First off, my server.cfg
sv_downloadurl ""
exec autoexec.cfg
cl_cmdrate 100
cl_updaterate 100
rate 30000

"hostname"                "Spurkleberry's TTT (New!) - Fast Download - Work In progress. Sorry for the dust!"
"rcon_password"                 "nope"
"sv_password"                 ""
"sv_region"                     "0"
"sv_lan"                    "0"

mp_flashlight 1
sv_allowupload 0
pausable "0"
// Voice Comm
sv_voiceenable "1"

decalfrequency 40

// bandwidth rates/settings
sv_minrate 10000
sv_maxrate 30000
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_mincmdrate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 100
sv_client_cmdrate_difference 1
sv_client_predict 1
sv_client_interpolate 1
sv_client_min_interp_ratio -1
sv_client_max_interp_ratio -1
sv_lan 0

ttt_postround_dm 1
ttt_no_nade_throw_during_prep 1
ttt_dyingshot 1
ttt_playercolor_mode 3

log on
mp_logmessages 1
sv_logbans 1

exec banned_user.cfg
motdfile motd.txt
mapchangecfgfile server.cfg.
mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt

I know I have to add which files I want people to download to lua files, and I've already done that. The Slow-dl from the server works fine now - even added a custom sound file to be sure.

But for some reason, the server's not making the connection to my fastDL webhost with all the files. What am I doing wrong?

Here's a quick video of the internal layout of the server itself with (hopefully) relevant information.

Thanks for any help.
sv_downloadurl ""

to >>

sv_downloadurl ""
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