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OS and Machine issue
Hello Srcds friends,

I use Centos 64-Bit and Debian 64-Bit, and they told me that Centos is the best, is this true?

I also have two machines PE2950 II, with the following settings:

# 1 PE 2950 II
Processor: 2x Intel XEON E5335 Quad Core - 2.0Ghz | 8MB CACHE | FSB 1333Mhz
Memory: 8GB DDR2 ECC PC-5300
Disk: 73GB SAS 15K

# 2 PE 2950 II
Processor: 2x Intel XEON E5310 Quad Core - 1.6Ghz | 8MB CACHE | FSB 1066Mhz
Memory: 8GB DDR2 ECC PC-5300
Disk: 73GB SAS 15K

Each machine has a 25MB of dedicated upload.

I run from 5 to 7 servers CSS/TF2 them, correct?

Thanks for help. Smile
25mb upload fine.

But, cpu ghz's little bit low, if you plan big server (25-30 slot or more) you'll have problem (lags, fps drops etc). Since, srcds only use single core, and when player counts is rise its need more Ghz.

I suggest you to use newer cpus, up to 3.3ghz or more clock speed. if possible.
Srcds use single core?

My processors have 8 core, but srcds use only one? seven core junked?

Now i running 3 servers, 100% work.

How one server of 32 consume, 2.2 ghz and 768mb of ram, corret?



Multi-threaded server code is now enabled by default under Linux (already enabled on Windows)
Oh didn't see that update..

If srcds can use more than 1 core now, yes. its enough. you can run 5-6 server.
Centos or Debian? 64 bit?

I prefer debian, 64 bit.

Centos too bulky.

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