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source sdk base 2013 dedicated server
Hello everyone!
We are trying to create our source mod. I have some experience with c++/c# programming, so I more or less understand the source code and played with it for a while. Now I want to run a dedicated server for our mod just to test whether it is possible to connect and play multiplayer.

So, I downloaded dedicated server for sdk (appID 244310). Basically, thats it. When I try to launch it, nothing happens. I write following line
"srcds.exe -game sourcetest -map urbantest -console"
where sourcetest is a folder with a subfolder "bin", there is a server.dll file (I replaced it with my server.dll). I created a folder "maps" on the same level as "bin" and placed urbantest.bsp there.
Also, I changed gameinfo.txt to my file.

There is almost no info about working with srcds and sdk, other than "it does not work for me".

I hope I do something crucially wrong, but for my point of view all that I should do is basically replace server.dll and gameinfo. It should be able to connect basic game clients.
I'll update the thread with my progress so it might help someone in the future.
I donwloaded sdk dedic from steam (not from steamcmd), put there my server and client dlls, as well as gameinfo.

I cant connect. Initially, it created itself with IP from virtual box network ( I googled for a while and found out the command "-ip ....." to add to commands. Now it runs with current ip of the computer, but I still cant connect (I write manually in the client "connect ..." and get no retry). Also, I checked ports, 27015 and 27005 are closed. Is it because of the running server or it should be fixed?
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