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CS:GO Linux Kernel Optimization
Hey folks

Has anyone compile custom kernel for cs:go dedicaded?

Since there is no thing such as 1000fps
Server fps limit by server tickrate

I currently use stock kernel. Running 12 slot warmod server at 128 tick, and when server 12/12 cpu usage is %60 at single core. Cpu is Xeon E5-2450 v2 with HT off. Centos 6.5 64bit.

Isn't that much? even 12 slot. I planning to run 30 slot public server at 128 tick but that cpu usage scared me. I afraid from bad server performance ie lag spikes.

How to lower cpu usage but keep server performance good at same time?

Im new to kernel compile so would be good if someone help me to configure this, 100hz would help?

There is too many topics about kernel but mostly aiming for 1000fps, nothing found about this one.

Thanks in advance.!

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