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VPS Server not showing up on the Master list
Hi guys,

My server is configured and everything is running fine. It's a cp_orange_x3 server. People can join and it's also showing in my favourites.

But it won't show up in the Master/Internet list on the server browser, causing no people to be able to join because they can't see my server. Sad

I'm running on Windows 2012 Server.

Server Boot Line C:\TFServer\srcds -console -game tf +sv_pure 1 +map cp_orange_x3 +maxplayers 32 -port 27016 -ip -heartbeat -exec server.cfg

If you need any more information please ask.

Most times TF2 servers arent likely to appear on the Master Server list, so people will have to use the "connect (ip)" console command.
I am sorry, I dont really think there is another way, maybe having to do something with tags?

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