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CS:GO #CustomMaterialManager error
Server OS: Windows 7 64bit
Processor: Intel i5 processor
Ram: 8gb
Game(s): Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
Start Up Command:SRCDS.exe -game csgo -usercon
Admin Mods: none

When starting csgo dedicated server I get about 20 of the error messages "#CustomMaterialManager Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/<someweapon>/someweapon.vmt." The errors do not occur when starting the server in console mode. The server still works after I click ok on all the messages. I have re-validated and reinstalled, but the same problem. Any help getting rid of the messages is much appreciated.
I fixed the problem by renaming vmtcache.txt to vmtcache.txt.bak. Not sure yet what other effects this might have, but those files didn't exist anyway, so I suspect there won't be any. Path to the file is \csgo\resource\.

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