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Resolved! CSS Server wont launch.
Lately i've been interested in making my own CSS server but i've ran into a problem when i try to join the server.
This is my setup:
OS: Windows 7.
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 duo CPU.
Ram: 4GB.
Game: Counter Strike Source.
Start up command:
srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -autoupdate -insecure +maxplayers 20 +map cs_italy

When i try to join my server i get an engine error message stating that it "Couldn't allocate any server ip port.

After that i get kicked out of the game and cant join it.

If you have any questions or details that you want me to forward i will certainly do that.

I hope you can help me solve this problem.

EDIT: Updated some info!

EDIT 2: The problem has been fixed and i will post my resolution if any of you have any similar problems like this. for those of you who wonder how i just had to change my startup code to
start /high /wait srcds.exe -game cstrike -maxplayers 20 -tickrate 100 +map de_dust2 -pingboost 3 +fps_max 1000 -ip xx.x.x.xx -port 27015 +hostname "Counter Strike: Source Server" +map de_dust2 +sv_lan 0

and also include this code +clientport -console in the launch options menu.

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