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CSS server problem
I've had a soccer server long time ago through srcds where I played with friends and now I wanted to log in to play a little and I saved the folder of the srcds so I opened the srcds file and that's what happens, it opens the cmd file for a few seconds and it writes a failure and it shuts down.
I caught the error message before the shutdown, maybe it could help finding the solution.
[Image: N62QFum.png]

P.S: I didn't touch anything in the server files since then and it worked perfect back then, the only thing I did is updating the server through SteamCMD which I thought would help and didn't, still same error message..

Thanks for reading
Hi there, almograz1!

Counter-Strike Source does not support Mani Admin Plugin anymore. It's a way long time ago the Mani team stopped developing the Mani Admin Plugin. Your server'll just crash if trying. Remove Mani Admin Plugin and your server'll run smooth again.
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