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Server to mysql database - error
Im trying to make store work, but im getting these error codes in the srcds console, and whenever i type !store in the chatmenu, it says:
Economy system is loading - please try again in a few minutes

Srcds server error:
No config entry found for 'economy' in databases.cfg

    "driver"    "mysql"
    "host"        ""
    "database"    "Censored"
    "user"        "Censored"
    "pass"    "Censored"
    "port"        "3306"

Is this a common problem or? I have not used a database to my server before, so i have no idea what im doing wrong.
I have the tables created in the database
Im using phpmyadmin on
Yes, i have portforwarded
000webhost sucks. Use mysql workbench instead, it works for me now

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