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Server to mysql database - error
Im trying to make store work, but im getting these error codes in the srcds console, and whenever i type !store in the chatmenu, it says:
Economy system is loading - please try again in a few minutes

Srcds server error:
No config entry found for 'economy' in databases.cfg

    "driver"    "mysql"
    "host"        ""
    "database"    "Censored"
    "user"        "Censored"
    "pass"    "Censored"
    "port"        "3306"

Is this a common problem or? I have not used a database to my server before, so i have no idea what im doing wrong.
I have the tables created in the database
Im using phpmyadmin on
Yes, i have portforwarded
000webhost sucks. Use mysql workbench instead, it works for me now
Check that the service is running
If your website cannot connect to your database, it is possible the service is simply not listening. Check your MySQL state, on Ubuntu and Debian systems this can be done with the following command.

sudo service mysql status
CentOS and other Red Hat variants use MySQL as well, but it is named MariaDB instead, so use this command instead.

sudo service mariadb status
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