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[GMOD] I dont know how to port forward/Port Trigger Heeelp!
Ok, so my friends cant join my Gmod server because i dont know how to "port forward" well i dont have that kind of choose which would be named Port forward. But my friend told i could still make Server for Gmod because i Have couple selections in (NAT)(PAGE) there is 3 choices 1.Virtual servers 2.Port Triggering and DMZ host. I'm not sure which is the right one but i have tried Virtual Servers selection.Still dont know is it the right selection or
am i filling it up wrong way.
Couple Pics ->
[Image: i3axjp.png]
[Image: 102rnrm.png]

DetailsBig Grinefault gateaway and IPv4 adress
If u need more details feel free to ask and Ty If u could help me with this problem! Btw tell if Port triggering is the right selection =D.
Ok, its under Virtual Servers. What you want to do is bind these ports:
27015-27015 set the protocol to either "All" or "TCP & UDP"
then you want to put your iPv4 address in the Server IP Address.
Launch your server. If you have done everything correctly you should see the following line somewhere in the console :
Public IP is : __________

ALSO NOTE! If you have binded to port 27015 like I have said (recommended unless you want to run into problems)
your friend has to use the ip thats in the console and type :27015 after it
Also disable your firewall, that makes you run into more problems
[Image: 76561198071468145.png]
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