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[GMOD] I dont know how to port forward/Port Trigger Heeelp!
Ok, so my friends cant join my Gmod server because i dont know how to "port forward" well i dont have that kind of choose which would be named Port forward. But my friend told i could still make Server for Gmod because i Have couple selections in (NAT)(PAGE) there is 3 choices 1.Virtual servers 2.Port Triggering and DMZ host. I'm not sure which is the right one but i have tried Virtual Servers selection.Still dont know is it the right selection or
am i filling it up wrong way.
Couple Pics ->
[Image: i3axjp.png]
[Image: 102rnrm.png]

DetailsBig Grinefault gateaway and IPv4 adress
If u need more details feel free to ask and Ty If u could help me with this problem! Btw tell if Port triggering is the right selection =D.

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