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Tickrate broken.
This is my last resort.

I've tried and tried to get my tickrate to stay constant, however it simply refuses.

I recently purchased a VPS, it has 4GB of ram and a quad core processor, however, when i attempt to run any form of SRCDS based server on it, the tickrate refuses to stay constant, it jumps all over the place.

[Image: 2014-06-11_06-02-52.png]

There's a great example of the problem i'm having, I took it out of console mode for a moment.

Do be noted that that is a COMPLETELY FRESH install of the server.

I've searched and searched and searched and cannot seem to find a remedy to this issue.

I've tried launching it with the parameters -tickrate 33, I've tried setting fps_max, I've tried everything (everything reasonable and logical) that could be causing this.

I've been running servers for 3 or 4 years now, and never have I had an issue like this.

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