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[Solved][Css] Cs_maps crashes the server
Basic Info :

Server OS: Windows Server 2003
Processor: No idea can find out if really neeeded.
Ram: No idea can find out if really neeeded.
Game(s):Counter Strike source
Start Up Command:
srcds.exe -game cstrike -norestart -nocrashdialog -ip -port 21600 -maxplayers 20 +map cs_office -console +exec autoexec21600.cfg
Admin Mods: No mods currently installed.

After May update our Cs_maps server constantly crashes. Sometimes after 1 round other times you can play 5 min 10 min before it goes down..

What i have tried:
I then removed all plugins, dident change nothing.
So i did a fresh install of CSS, dident change nothing.
Then i loaded De_dust2 and server worked like a charm!!
That also triggerd the Logs to get in correct sizes..
Picture of log sizes
So then i went back to cs_maps. Tried cs_militia and server crashes again. So my theory is that Cs_maps crash my server..
if i take another server and change to cs_maps that allso crashes.
even doh it runs just fine as dd2 only server.

Any help would be great. Thanks for reading.

Edit: Added 2 photos of a bug i also found in cs_office windows and not on linux server..

Linux :

.jpg   2014-05-27_00003.jpg (Size: 505.05 KB / Downloads: 1)


.jpg   2014-05-27_00004.jpg (Size: 506.39 KB / Downloads: 1)
updated to latest patch and it works.. still bug on cabinetts

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