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Updating srcds
I have this problem when I try hosting a server with srcds...
This worked fine before but now

It says "Your server needs to be restarted in order to receive the latest update."

I've tried using SteamCMD to update some things, but it changes nothing..

So far I've tried succefully updating Srcds, and update counter-strike source, with app_update 232330 and with app_update 240!

But changes nothing... What is it I seem to miss to update, to get this working?

Please help!
I can see the commands you use to upgrade?
Or script, if you use script.
I open SteamCMD, login in with my steam id using "login xxx" and then the password....

Then I'm logged in, and I'm now using "force_install_dir" for the path...

Next I've tried using "app_update 240 validate" to update CSS.. This has been done succesfully..

...But still, when I start a server with srcds, I still get the same message, that my server isn't up to date..

Then I tried updating Source Dedicated Server with "app_update 232330 validate"... This also updates succesfully, but I STILL get the same message when trying to host a server...

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