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[CS:GO] Change ip on servers and have the same port
Hello I have 3 cs go servers hosted on my gaming computer at home, I have windows 7.

I was wondering how do you change ip on the servers I know that the public ip is still the same but for example here we take brutalcs servers. <--- It has the port 27015 <--- It has the same port <--- It has the same port

And how did they change the ip to I know that it already has a normal ip wich is this

I have just port forward 3 ports and have the same ip

How did he have the same port but not the same ip?

sorry im a noob at this so please explain in the language noobish.
This is something that you CANNOT do on a home network, you need to have multiple external IP addresses in order to do this. The servers that you listed are being hosted either on a dedicated server or a virtual server (Whois search links to This means that they are paying for hosting at a data center where they will give you more than one IP address. This is how they are able to use the same port for all of there servers.
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