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I need help with setting up Beetles Mod! (TF2 SERVER)
I would like to know how to set up Beetles Mod for a Tf2 server, I have downloaded it and it works like a regular plugin but how to i set it up so that people can do all of the commands. here is what is in the clanmembers.cfg

//Add clan members who are allowed to where clantag
//all clan members must be in list
//format = STEAMID TAG one space in between any thing after tag
//from cvar ClanTagPunishmenu 1=kick 2=autobantime ban 3=Permaban

//ProtectTag "STEAM_0:1:00000O" "{US}" /{US}ben
//ProtectTag "STEAM_0:1:11111O" "{US}" /{US}don
//ProtectTag "STEAM_0:1:22222O" "(admin)" /(admin
//ProtectTag "STEAM_0:1:00000O" "{ U S }" /{US}ben
//ProtectTag "STEAM_0:1:11111O" "{U S}" /{US}don
//ProtectTag "STEAM_0:1:22222O" "{ U S}"
//ProtectTag "STEAM_0:1:22222O" "{ U S }"
//ProtectTag "STEAM_0:1:22222O" "{US }"
//do not use // in your protecttag commands

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