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[CS:GO][IMPORTANT] Server Query Configuration Settings
I think this post should be in tutorials doh!

I copied this from gametracker and think all server hosts should know this how to remove the new Max Players (slots)

On 2/27/2014, Valve released an update to CS:GO with changes related to querying a server.

Quick Tips:

Recommended server config options for tracking (note that setting the first two are typically optional):

host_name_store 1
host_info_show 1
host_players_show 2

To disable querying:

host_info_show 0


host_name_store 0
These will cause your server to return its name as "Counter Strike: Global Offensive"

host_name_store 1
This will cause your server to return its name as it is set in your config.


host_info_show 0
Your server will not respond to the query.

host_info_show 1
host_info_show 2
Your server will properly respond to the query.


host_players_show 1
This causes your server to not return a player list. Your server will track on GT, but will show no activity whatsoever. In HLSW, this will appear as if the server has one player named "Max Players" in the player list section.

host_players_show 2
This causes your server to respond to the query in the standard manner with player count and player list.

It took me a while to find this thread on gametracker and I want to show people that is still searching.

Thanks to burn @ gametracker for the post.

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