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Can't connect to Steam after downloading srcds...
First of all...
Server OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Processor: AMD Phenom™ II X4 965 Processor 3.40GHz
Ram: 8GB
Game(s): Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Start Up Command: D:\csgo\srcds -game csgo -console -usercon +game_type 0 +game_mode 1 +mapgroup mg_allclassic +map de_dust2
Admin Mods: None as far as I know Toungue

I downloaded srcds, spend a looooong time figuring out how to set everything up for just a normal server without anything special (yeah, I guess I'm dumb... Toungue) and now when I think it's open, I can't connect to Steam??? Anyone know what I did wrong, because I have NO idea myself!

And a bonus question: where do I find the IP of the server? (including port). Guessing it's cmd -> ipconfig and one of those, but not sure?

Hi there, Vinther!

I'm not really aware of the problem about you can't connect to Steam because you have downloaded a SRCDS. You'll find your IPv4 in ipconfig. That IP is your IPv4 IP.

The 192.168.x.x IP is an typical IPv4 address and are used for the router to manage around between PCs, printers, IP-phones and other devices in your home. The other IP people are calling the public IP (looks something like: people needs to reach you or the thing you're hosting. The port is something in a whole other part. Your server got the port: "27015" and that's the standard for a Counter-Strike Source server and that's fine. A website for example it will be the port "80", that would be used. Because I know it's 80 is, that in a router there are 1023 standard ports. That's all the "clever" people in the world that have decided that. Then we have all the free port from 1024 - 65535. These ports are available for all the random applications on the global network. Valve have just chosen 27015 to their application. The port are basically telling what application you are trying to reach. IP for the router and port for the application on your router. It's also therefor you can't have to IPv4 addresses with the same port. Then there would be someone trying to reach that port and he will get to devices?

Okay, so basically you'll just give your friend the public IP with the port after.

He is searching for your public IP on the global network and finds your router. Then he is searching for the port 27015 and your router knows that you have binded the port 27015 to your IPv4 address that are something like and then he knows the computer or server to reach. Wolla connection found.

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