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[CS:GO] Server var problems
i have a problem with my server. I have a high var for the performance.

my Server:

Server OS: Debian wheezy 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-3450 CPU with 4 x 3,10 GHz
Ram: 16GB
Game(s): Only 1 csgo server with 14 slots

i use this script: and only changed the tickrate to 128

My var performance is 1.5 - 2.5 @ 10 players. My friend got a vserver and got a better var then me (~ -0.5). I tried the same settings and i have still more var then him. I also tried to change some settings (like sys_ticrate [default, 1000, 2000] and ...) and it didnt changed much.

I googled a lot and i didnt found any help. I hope some1 find the issue.

here a htop screen (me + 9 bots):
When I got a var problem, I moved the server file from (D:) To (C:) My Faster Drive And The First One Then It Got Smooth!

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