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gmod server cannot connect at all
hi i have a dedicated server running and when i use the gui and set it up that way i cannot use workshop items and when i start it with this command
::  SRCDS Guardian 3.0   ::
::         Mooga         ::
::       ::

:: Thanks To Black-Sky & Drocona for making SRCDS Guardian ::
:: This script is open source.  Feel free to edit at will. ::
::                                                         ::
:: This script was writen for the use of the     ::
:: online community.  If you are interested in running a   ::
:: Source Dedicated Server or need help, drop by our       ::
:: forums at...                    ::


::  Window and Log name  ::
::  Replace "My Server"  ::
set servername=My Server

::   Your start command  ::
::    Replace after =    ::
set runcmd=C:\server2\srcds.exe  -console -command update -debug -high -game garrsmod +gamemode gmstranded -authkey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +host_workshop_collection xxxxxxxxx +maxplayers 20 -port 27015 -ip

::   End of variables    ::

:: This will keep the window clean and easy to read
@echo off

:: Sets the title of the window
title SRCDS Guardian 3.0   %servername%

:: Clears the window incase there is anything there

:: Prints to the window what we are doing
echo SRCDS Guardian 3.0 has been started!
echo *************************************************************************
echo To close the server, close this window and type exit in the server window
echo *************************************************************************
echo %servername% is now starting...
>> "%servername%.log" echo.
>> "%servername%.log" echo.
>> "%servername%.log" echo (%date%)(%time%) SRCDS Guardian 3.0 has been started!
>> "%servername%.log" echo (%date%)(%time%) %servername% is now starting...

:: This is a return point in case the server crashes or is closed

echo (%date%)(%time%) %servername% is now ONLINE
echo Watching %servername% for crashes...
>> "%servername%.log" echo.
>> "%servername%.log" echo (%date%)(%time%) %servername% is now ONLINE
>> "%servername%.log" echo (%date%)(%time%) Watching %servername% for crashes...

::Start the actual server
start /wait %runcmd%

echo (%date%)(%time%) Crash or Close detected!
echo %servername% is now restarting...
>> "%servername%.log" echo.
>> "%servername%.log" echo (%date%)(%time%) Crash or Close detected!
>> "%servername%.log" echo (%date%)(%time%) %servername% is now restarting...

::Server crashed or closed, so we point it to the return point to start the server again
goto restart

i cannot connect to it

can anyone help my why i cannot connect to it
my portforwarding is okay because ppl can connect to it when i use the gui but then workshop is bugging because they cannot download the map

my server .cfg looks like this
sv_defaultgamemode "gmstranded"
log            on

hostname        "Fluffy bunny stranded"
rcon_password    "xxxxxx"
sv_password        "xxxxxx"
sv_region        2
sv_lan            0
sv_logbans        0
sv_logecho        0
sv_logfile        1
sv_log_onefile        0
sv_noclipspeed        5
sv_noclipaccelerate    5

sbox_allownpcs        1
sbox_godmode        0
sbox_plpldamage        0
sbox_playergod        0
sbox_noclip        1

sbox_maxprops        150
sbox_maxragdolls    5
sbox_maxnpcs        10
sbox_maxballoons    10
sbox_maxeffects        50
sbox_maxdynamite    10
sbox_maxlamps        20
sbox_maxthrusters    30
sbox_maxwheels        20
sbox_maxhoverballs    20
sbox_maxvehicles    6
sbox_maxbuttons        20
sbox_maxsents        20
sbox_maxemitters    5
sbox_maxspawners    3
sbox_maxturrets        2

net_maxfilesize        30

sv_minrate        0
sv_maxrate        20000
decalfrequency        10
sv_maxupdaterate    66
sv_minupdaterate    10

// execute ban files
exec banned_ip.cfg
exec banned_user.cfg

i am running the server on a win Xp professional sp3
i do get a error when starting up with bugslayer.dll is missing
I don't get your question? And XP systems are a way outdated. Microsoft are not even making updates to XP anymore. Before I can help you'll need to get Linux or Windows 7/8/Vista, sorry. I'm just not compatible with XP.
For more help, just hit me:
Steam: bilbodog
Skype: bilbodog2

And don't forget to +rep [Image: NET-5.png]
- Best Regards bilbodog (Casper Thomsen)

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