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Update Problem with SteamCMD

Server OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
Processor: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2690 v2 @ 3.00GHz
Ram: 2 GB
Game(s): Team Fortress 2
Start Up Command: C:\TF2TradeServer\srcds.exe -game tf
Admin Mods: Sourcemod, Metamod

I'll update the server using "force_install_dir C:\TF2TradeServer"
Then I'll do "app_update 232250" and it will successfully update, but when I start the server... This happens....

[Image: 7kTGH.png]

To fix it you have to reinstall the whole server and it is a huge pain.

Someone please help me.
Your startup command needs to have something like this:

C:\TF2TradeServer\srcds.exe -console -game tf +map ctf_2fort +maxplayers 24

Refer to this topic for some help. Look at the starting the server section.
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Hi there, CodenameHaswell!

I've made a tutorial on YouTube there are showing you how to update a Counter-Strike Source server, but try see it because I'm explaining.
Link here:
[Image: NET-4.png]
For more help, just hit me:
Steam: bilbodog
Skype: bilbodog2

And don't forget to +rep [Image: NET-5.png]
- Best Regards bilbodog (Casper Thomsen)

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