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How to change IP address?
Hey guys! I've just joined SRCDS and I have always been attracted to the way it works. Especially since my server went down due to outrageous prices from companies. Anyway, how do I change my IP address so people can't get ahold of it? I feel uncomfortable with just giving it away. I have tried VPN's and such but they tend to run out of bandwidth and then I am unable to visit websites and such.

Thanks! Big Grin
Why do you want to change your ip address? Nobody will be able to connect and at that defeats the purpose.
Hi there, greenchainz!

I'll recommend you to download "Hide My IP" from
It'll change your IP on your whole computer and not just the web. But remember! People will NOT be able to add your server to favorites. The bandwidth is not really something you can do so much about. But be aware that people always can find your original IP because they actually have connection to you computer or server. There'll always be a little hole else they couldn't see your service ofc.
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