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Map cycle not working as intended.

I am about to host a TF2 server for a bit LAN event.

I want a tournament with each teams playing on 3 different maps. After a win it should change map to the next on the mapcycle. The game must stop after 3 wins. When i talk about wins, i mean the wins you can see on the menu when you hold the TAB key.

I've been trying to figure it out for quite a while now (searching Google, TF2 wiki, valve documentation for more than 1½ year without getting it to work), but i cannot get it to change map automatically after a team gain a point in the TAB menu.

I can do manuel by entering the command for next map then it changes perfectly. But i want it to do it automatically. I also want the game to end after 3 rounds so say. after 3 points in the TAB menu.

I setting up the server with VAC on and tournament mode on.
It must work on any map, because i do not yet know what map they choose to play on.

Can you help me to make a server.cfg that will do as i describe?

Thanks in advance!

Emil Kristensen

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