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Dedicated server startup problem
Hello guys !

My Garry's Mod dedicated server was fine yersterday. I stopped it for reboot my computer and then i launched it but the srcds hang on for near 15 seconds and crash ( close the window )
Server OS: Windows 8.1 Professionnal
Processor: Intel i7 4770K ( 3.50 GHz )
Ram: 30 Go
Game: Garry's Mod
Start Up Command:
srcds.exe -console -debug -game garrysmod +sv_defaultgamemode hl2rp +exec server.cfg +maxplayers 40 +hostname [FR] Strange Roleplay Gaming +map RP_City45_2013 +host_workshop_collection ****** -authkey ********************************* +sv_kickerrornum 0 sv_lan 0 +sv_loadingurl

Here is the logs :

Console initialized.
ConVarRef mat_dxlevel doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Game.dll loaded for "Garry's Mod"
Initializing Steam librairies for secure Internet server
Logging into anonymous gameserver account.

I updated my server, checked the file with a .bat file but.....nothing !
Please, i really need help ! Sad

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