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Server Listing Issue
I have a 90 slot darkrp server, i used to get 90 players a day till i moved to my new dedi in frankfurt, germany.

After the move me and most of my uk/close eu friends cant see it in our server list and we had to connect via IP adress. The server works 100% fine other than this and i have no clue why, the host said it was an error on valves side but i still want to fix it asap.

(sorry if i did the post wrong i dont think any server stats are necesarry)
"Press the "~" key to bring up the developer's console. Type "sv_lan 0" then press "Enter." Then type "heartbeat" and press "Enter." These two commands will connect your server to Steam."

Try that if you still have the problem
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Sometimes a game server needs to establish itself with the valve servers before it will start appearing in the server browser. Have you waited a week before checking?
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