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Getting Replays To Work
Trying to get this to work but stuck.

Replay.cfg looks like this (Cut out some of the stuff that doesn't pertain atm)

// Enable replay!
replay_enable "1"

// How often we dump replay data.  You should not need to modify this value.
replay_block_dump_interval "15"

// This is the method by which clients download replay data.  At the moment, only HTTP is available.
replay_fileserver_protocol "http"

// There are currently two supported ways that your replay server can operate:
// - The "local HTTP" method requires that you run a web server on the
//   same machine as your game server, or at least that your gameserver can
//   get the files to the HTTP server using local filesystem paths and ordinary
//   filesystem copies.  (For example, an NFS share.)
// - The "FTP" method allows you to offload replay data to another machine (which
//   must be running a web    server) over FTP.  Clients will download their replay
//   data over HTTP.
// Select one of those two methods, uncomment the appropriate block of code below,
// and modify the convars appropriately.

// Local HTTP mode
//// Don't offload over FTP.  Use a local web server.
//// You don't need to edit this line, just uncomment it.
//// The replay data will be copied to this directory
replay_local_fileserver_path    "C:\Users\Gaming\Desktop\Website\tf\replays"
//// These are used to reconstruct a URL on the client.
//replay_fileserver_host            ""
//replay_fileserver_port            "80"
//replay_fileserver_path            "/tf/replays"


Which I can navigate to that website and it finds it, and I am running the server on the same PC so that should be the local path.

When I run this, I get the error

Protocol: HTTP
Validating.. OK

Validating.. FAILED

*** ERROR Empty!

Now I assume in Hostname: it should show my web address, but its not for some reason.
Anyone have any input on this yet?

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