SRCDS Steam group

One if by land two if by sea
Just a freindly little warning.
you have been so snagged, when are you people going to realize
I can see everything. Your little signal with the lights the front of the
house are your signal to your pathetic freinds.
Go ahead call and complain, go ahead hit brighthouse again
they have your new little scam your running. You do realize
I am communicating with there corporate attorney.
hack some more shit.
now daddy, s wallet is gonna get hit.
absolutely pathetic.
Have a nice day
Next history lesson,

beware the ides of march
The day has arrived, I told you what I had seen, and the things I could see
I dont need a computer or a phone. You were warned what was going to happen
remember, quote " now sit and watch in horror as the network responds"
the restraining orders which extends to all forms of electronic media are now in effect
the civil injunctions are now in effect the lawsuits are now underway and the damages
are being awarded.
go ahead hack another system Darth, mitch, raphael - do it and watch what happens
Big Grin
To this day, I have still no idea what this is all about. If you are being threatened by any forum member, we will fully comply with law enforcement agencies to ensure your safety.

This thread is closed for being majorly off topic, PM me if you need assistance. And please don't publicly post address information of individuals, as that can get both you and us in serious trouble.

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