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Please help! New Gmod DarkRP Server gone wrong.
So I recently used steamcmd to start a new srcds for gmod darkrp. After I watched videos on how to configure files and things like that I started configuring the .lua files. Then when I started the server bad things happened... I got on and immediately was kicked for too many lua errors so I was forced to use sv_kickerrornum 0. I then reconnected and found my self with no dark rp hud at all except for the f4 menu, no health bar or anything not even weapons. Then I checked my console and got this:
[Image: qWAPhnM]
[Image: 0MRENSO]
[Image: jzLwbGk]

Thats some of the error, there were more too but some were duplicate i think. Please Help!

If you cant see the images i also attached them.

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.png   connecting to server.PNG (Size: 34.08 KB / Downloads: 4)
.png   connecting to server2.PNG (Size: 41.89 KB / Downloads: 5)
.png   connecting to server1.PNG (Size: 29.92 KB / Downloads: 3)
for my gmod server also by Steamcmd

i used this tutorial

and also the mods for darkrp and addons he has a tutorial for that also

and it seems you didnt install it wright

did you change your gamemode? (gametype)

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