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Low FPS on CS:GO but not Source
Hi all.

I'm currently running a Source dedicated on my server, with stable 66.7fps.
CPU's: Two Intel Xeon CPU's @ 4.0GHz
Ram: 8GB
OS: Windows Server 2008
Internet: 1Gbit/s

Decided to update to CS:GO, so I configured a dedicated on the same machine, but I can't get the new csgo dedicated's fps above 10.
The weird thing is that when I start up the old CSS dedicated, i get 66.7FPS.

Startup commands:
CSS: -console -game cstrike - tickrate 100 -port 27015 +map de_dust2 -fps_max 300
CSGO: -usercon -game csgo -port 27015 +map de_dust2 +mapgroup mg_bomb -fps_max 300 -tickrate 100 +game_mode 0 +game_type 0

I've tried the Windows Media Player trick and the srcdsfpsboost.exe, same result.

Does anyone have a solution, or things i can try to get the FPS up? All help appreciated Smile

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