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Looking For EXPERT CSS Server Maker/Linux
Looking For EXPERT CSS Server Maker
Hello all,

lm about to open some online games servers, and lm lookng for someone expert to do it for me.
Forexample, lm going to open 5 CS:S Servers

Server Name Mod
[ LastResort-UAE ] Surf
[ LastResort-UAE ] SourceRPG
[ LastResort-UAE ] Zombie
[ LastResort-UAE ] JailBreak
[ LastResort-UAE ] Muligame

i know how to creat normal Counterstrike:source Server and how to use some plugins
The problem is i dont know where to get GODLY plugins so people can join my server.
What i mean here is , i dont want to put any plugin in my server,what i want is godly plugins so when the player join my server he can notice that the server have cool/great plugins so he sayes " Oh main, This server is COOL and it have great plugins"
you what i mean?! ...

Second of all, i dont know how to do Sourcemod // or // Wamp Server or other things...
thirdlly, there are alot of things are exist for SRCDS software/driver to make server that i dont know / and i never heard it before.

Thanks all and i hope someone help me :3
*note: Pleas add me in steam so we get contact. (BinChLaaib) *

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