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Launching Server Problem
Hello, my friends and I are really wanting to just make our own server for Garry's Mod and play gamemodes such as TTT and Murderer and I was assigned to make it. I set up everything on the YouTube video Jackktutorials: How to make a Garry's Mod Server (SteamCMD) but right when I set up everything I clicked the .bat to run the server and it gives me a crash report that keeps closing and opening itself rapidly. I assume its a internet problem but I can't read it quick enough. It also makes tons of crash report text documents in the server file. I tried to redo everything 3 times and watch different videos showing how to make a server and I always get stuck there at the crash report. Another thing I notice is when downloading all the files from the SteamCMD one was highlighted yellow and talking about failing downloading a .AVG file of some sort but never always says installation successful. Please help it would be much appreciated!

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