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Connection problem a few seconds in
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: Intel I3 Gen 1 Dual Core, clocks at 2.7 GHZ with hyper threading
RAM: 8 Gigs
Game: Garry's mod, Sandbox and TTT tested
Startup: srcds.exe +maxplayers 32 -console +gamemode terrortown +map ttt_minecraft_b5
Admin Mods: ULX, so of course ULib

Bandwidth: Ping 15ms, getting 22.5 down and 19.5 up
Router: Actiontec VIA FIOS, known among it's peers as having a overly small NAT table and being pure shite if you want to do anything advanced with it at all.
Local IP:
External IP:
The problem:
Well, 2 problems. The first and most pressing:

I run the server from an unoccupied computer in my home. I can connect to it just fine, and so can my friend who comes over to play on it. The problem is that when we are both on (ONLY when we are both on) the server will, after 30 seconds to a minute and a half of play, give us both connection problems for at least a minute. This, of course, means that one or both of us are kicked from the server, and must then rejoin, only to have to rejoin again. And again. You get the point. It loses connection to the Steam server (Result = 3) for two tries, and then gets back online.

The other problem:

I can't use workshop addons. They download to 20% - 40%, and then say DOWNLOAD FAILED and move on. I heard there was a VDF that had to be made, but I couldn't find documentation on how.

On a slightly different note, could someone link me to a jailbreak gamemode?

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