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SteamCMD Ubuntu VPS update content problem
Server OS: Ubuntu Server 12.04 x64
Processor: Don't know processor, but it has 2 cores.
Ram: 2gb
Game(s): Garry's Mod, trying to install CS:S content. Gmod content already install, don't know how that didn't have this error.
Start Up Command: ./

# A convenience function, to save us some work
    #Read the app id and the directory into a variable


    #Create the directory, if ( it doesn't exist
    if ( [ ! -d "$DIR" ]; ) then
        mkdir "$DIR"

    #Uh-oh, looks like we didn't create the directory. Stop
    if ( [ ! -d "$DIR" ]; ) then
        #Tell what went wrong
        echo "ERROR! Cannot create $DIR!"
        #Exit with status code 1 ( which indicates an error )
        exit 1

    #Call SteamCMD with the app ID we provided and tell it to install
    ./bin/ +login anonymous +force_install_dir "$DIR" +app_update $APP_ID validate +quit

#Call update_server with the app id ( 4020 is Garry's Mod ) andthe folder we want the server in
update_server 232330 "/home/gmod/content/css"
#Add any additional servers here, repeat the line above, but change the directory.
#Exit with status code 0 ( which means ok )
exit 0

Admin Mods: ULX Installed, but this doesn't really apply

Full Install Command: above

I have no idea how to fix this problem, and I'm new to ubuntu and linux in general. Thanks.
Sorry, I fixed the formatting. I'll admit I didn't read that READ ME post..

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