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Server Engine Error [IVP Failed at ..\ivp_utility\ivu_vhash.cxx 157]
Server OS: Specific version. Windows Server 2008 64-bit
Ram: 4 gb ram
Game(s): Garrysmod
Admin Mods: ULX, Ulib, Sourcemod, MetaMod

Hello guys, my server was Online normally and from 1 second to another stop working and i was like mm weird, then i join the VPS and check the server and there was an error at the bottom:
IVP Failed at ..\ivp_utility\ivu_vhash.cxx 157
after this nothing happend and there was a Blank Engine Error Window ... anyone know how i can fix this error ? or what thing is causing this error ?

Thanks for your time, Thanks for your try of understanding my weird spelling but I'am from a spanish country, Thanks you guys !

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