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Rubber banding on server
Server OS: Windows 7?
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core @ 1.47 Ghz (Slow, I know but all I use it for is my server)
Ram: 2GB
Game(s): Team Fortress 2
Start up command:
tf2\srcds.exe -console -game tf +sv_pure 2 +map ultiduo_baloo +maxplayers 24 -port 27015
Admin Mod: Meta/SourceMod's

So I've been running this server fine, people connect and play on it with no problem but I've noticed after a while unless I do a map change and or restart of server, I get this weird frame stuttering.

After some research I have found that it is called rubber banding. Now, the problem I have found isn't the PC like some have claimed, its obviously the server. Because doing a simple map change will fix the problem, even if its the exact same map.

I also found this post on the linux section of this forum, located here

And he seemed to of fixed the problem by doing

But sadly I do not know what this means, lol.

So any help would be greatly appreciated!

Get more ram.
This can't be the issue. This happens on more than my server, including a GameServer that I know of. And their fix is the same thing. Restart the server or reset the map. Both fixes the issue, and it happens to their server which run on top of the line linux boxes.

You can try put it on high priority

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