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Dark Messiah Dedicated Server Problem
I downloaded from Steam Dark Messiah Dedicated Server tool, but I cant run it. Its really weird. I made a shortcut to srcds.exe, then added starting parameters to shortcut:
-console -game darkmessiah +maxplayers 16 +map clsm_circus +port 27015

Then error showed up ( first error was translated by me )
Cant load the programm because there isnt Steam.dll. Try once again install the programm to fix the problem

Then saw 2nd error:
Failed to load the launcher DLL. Cant find the module

So I putted Steam.dll to dedicated server directory and then when I try to launch it, nothing happens.

Any1 has a clue how to solve this problem? Thanks.

Just noticed that Valve closed hlds servers, so I downloaded SteamCMD and tried to get files via SteamCMD, downloaded, made a shortcut and then added -console to shortcut's launch options.

Then I saw error with Steam.dll, which cannot be found. So I copied Steam.dll from SteamCMD direcotry and putted to root server directory and tried again.

And now nothing happens. No error, no any opening, closing windows. just nothing. Even in task manager I cant see any "srcdsish" processes.

Does any1 has a clue, how to fix this?

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