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On my mini-game server we have a map called mg_100traps_v3. The problem is that once we've reached over 8-9 people it won't let new comers play the map for some reason, they're on the team but they can't spawn. The servercfg has mp_limitteams to 0, I've tried to see if they were trolling but they weren't.

I've tried to search for solutions on Google but I have yet to find one, does anyone have some ideas on what it could possibly be?

I don't know if this is the right place to post this thread.
Your thread title says it all. Sometimes, the map itself literally cannot hold more than a certain amount of players. It all depends on how many spawn locations have been established the map creator.
You can usually get around this by using a addon. I'm sure source mod has one you could use.
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