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How many servers will my PC handle?
This is a very nooby question but I need your help peope...
How many servers/multiple instances of SRCDS can I run at the same time?

Processor: AMD FX 8320 (8 core, 3.5Ghz)
Memory: 8 GB (going to upgrade to 16GB)
Hard Drive: Seagate 1TB Hybrid HDD
Upload: 2 Mb/s (going to add more)
is this from Home or DC.?
any ways things you need to know now im not going to go in to all the bullshit so..

1. 2mb business or residential broadband.?
if its residential i would give up be for you get started residential lines have ratio between 50.1 may be more 100.1 yeah the speed is there but the more players you get the slower it gets then the lag comes

2. 8gb is ok to start with.. for about 4 servers but come down to what games you like to host..

3. would start with 2 then see how it runs play about with some setting to get them running sweet..

if it was me i would just rent a box from game host and have done with it

hope that helps some what
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1- Home on a buisness connection. Current plan is 20Mbps and ill upgrade later to 100Mbps.
Note: I have read legal stuff and it let's ne host servers for commercial use.

2- 4 servers only? That is pretty low... on another posts with lower specs said that those PCs could handle upto 8-12 servers with 24 slots each. Im planning to host TF2 and GMod servers.

3- Yes I wil. I had a AMD Opteron server which could run with 2 servers with 24 slots. Very smooth gameplay and no lag. I imagine an AMD FX how it will work.
i would still start with 4 server just to start with to play about, but yes your sys will take 12 to 14 server but it comes down to the line speed..

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