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Mounting CSS to DarkRP server.
I have set up a Garry'sMod 13 server through SteamCMD, installed DarkRP, and I need some help mounting CSS content.

I know in garrysmod/cfg/mount.cfg is there, and I HAVE edited it to find the directory of the css crap (C:/css/cstrike/)

So the file now looks like this:

// Use this file to mount additional paths to the filesystem
// DO NOT add a slash to the end of the filename

// "cstrike" "C:\css\cstrike"
// "tf" "C:\tf2\tf"

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.... why isn't it mounting css? Is it a DarkRP bug or garrysmod13 being RETARDED (hate towards 13)
System Specifications:
Dell Optiplex 780
Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHz
3 HDD's in raid
Running in my closet on a clean install of Windows 7 professional
Some WMP300N Network Adapter (amazing internet adapter, penetrates my closet wall like a boss)

Thx, Answers would be appreciated!
this is the most IDIOTIC moment of my life.
I have to get rid of the "//" before anything.

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Haha lol omg Smile Smile
Jonas E. Smile

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