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cs go server can't change net_maxfilesize
Hello there,

I'm trying to host a server for me and my friends but unfortunatley I can't get the map download to work.

When I enter the server I'm getting kicked for "missing map".
I already located the problem: the server is set on
net_maxfilesize 16
The map is 30MB

When I try to change the maxfilesize it says that "net_maxfilesize" is an unknown command.
Here's a picture:
[Image: xTMWmUg.jpg]

So can you tell me what's the command to change it or in which config or text file this setting is located?

Well a simple google instantly confirmed what I had assumed.

Option 1
Edit server.cfg with net_maxfilesize 64 (for future references)

Option 2
Compress the files into a .bz2 (For instructionals)

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