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CSS: Your server is out of date
Hello, I have been using the SteamCMD Dedicated Server for CSS for a few months now and everything was working fine... until today.

When I stard my srcds.exe, a css Server acutally starts. It even gieves me the correct IP of the server, but then in the end is says: Your server is out of date. Please update and restart. I ignored this at first and thought I should try to connect despite this message. But then at my client PC, it says that the server I want to connect to has an older version an needs to be updated.

So I downloaded the newest version from here:

and followed all the instructions as I did as I installed my CSS the first time a few months ago. But when I start the new downloaded css-dedicated, the exact same message appears: Your server is out of date. Please update and restart.

Now how can I update the version of my CSS Dedicated server? I seems to me, that the CSS on my client PC underwent an update via Steam, but the update hasn't come already for the CSS Dedicated server (or I don't know where to find that update). What am I doing wrong?

Thank you already for your help!

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