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(Garrys Mod) Rapid "Dropped _______ from server. (Disconected by User.)
I've been getting a HORRIBLY lot of those messages right after someone joins. They won't even spawn in the game yet, and yet they all get this same thing.

I don't have a friend who could tell me what it says on the other end. Or if they for some reason all disconnected. I'm talking about 10 random people at different times a day connect than disconnect. I really doubt that it really was disconnected by user.

It will be something like this in the console. (usually no one is on because its such a unpopular server)

Client _____________ Connected.
Dropped ___________ from server. (Disconnected by user.)

If anyone needs any info(addons;map;gamemode), just ask please. I'll do anything to get it back up and running. I'm even really at this point willing to discard all my addons. But I really don't want to cause it took alot of work to get all extracted.

Me and my online friend at this point are even thinking about just getting a host, but I really don't want to :/ (cause of the cost)

But thanks for any help you can provide!Smile
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